Denyse Forbes

denyse forbesI started with Whole Foods Market in 2001, back at the little Symphony store in Boston. I was hired as a Part Time Cashier and Bagger and I LOVED it!  I was drawn to the store because of the vibes I would get when I walked in. All the cool kids worked there and it was so welcoming and warm. I needed to be a part of it and LOVED that I could also volunteer for the community while working there as well.  Giving back has been something that I have been participating in since I was a freshman in high school.

Fast forward to now, I am the Coordinator of our Store Support teams here in the mighty Northeast!  I am also a daughter, a sister, a wife and a mother. I volunteer with a mentoring youth program here in my community as well.  I would describe myself as a conscious leader that inspires and fosters transformation. A cultivator of strong relationships with partners and colleges. A creator of vision that sets goals to build and lead teams to execute and deliver consistently. I am a clear communicator with exceptional presentation and coaching skills.

My Mission Statement: Have courage to change and grow in a positive momentum always.  Spread love and inspire others to be a part of something bigger. Share enthusiasm for being solution focused. Be present, stay structured, always forward.

Whole Planet Foundation has always held a special place for me personally. When the foundation started in 2005, I was eager to learn how I could help. The idea of alleviating poverty by simply talking about it and educating our guests on the fact that 100% of their donation goes to this cause was so liberating. All I had to do was talk to our guests and explain how they could help change the lives of these poverty stricken entrepreneurs by simply donating at the register or purchasing products that support the foundation…   and BAM! We’re doing it, we are supporting those that support us, and in turn making the lives of so many people  better.  We are doing what we are here to do, be kind, treat one another as family and be conscious of what is really going on around us. With WPF it’s incredibly fulfilling to see the stories of individuals who are lifting themselves and their families out of poverty with the help of the microloans.