Field Officer Appreciation Award in Haiti

Armando HuertaFoundation News

andreroseAndre Rose was honored as a Grand Prize Winner through our Field Officer Appreciation Awards last year. Honoring these often unsung heroes of microfinance is one of our Field Team’s favorite initiatives, because without their work on the ground, microfinance could not be successful.

“When the Operations staff of Fonkoze was asked to submit a candidate for the Field Officer Prize everyone immediately mentioned Andre Rose because of her performance, dedication to Fonkoze’s mission and work ethic.”

Growing up in rural Haiti, Andre Rose was surrounded by women who struggled every day to provide for their families. Her mother had a microenterprise, and it was this small income that supported Andre Rose and her five siblings. When she finished school she wanted to help people like her mother manager their resource to improve their livelihoods. For almost 15 years she has been doing just that.

Andre Rose has 115 groups under her supervision, twice the portfolio size of an average Fonkoze loan officer and commands 56% of her branch’s portfolio. Despite her heavy workload she has managed to maintain a very low delinquency rate, close to 0% for the past five years. She has assisted several of her clients in their transition from small group loans to much larger individual loans, and she visits all her clients on foot in their rural and isolated communities.