Location: Egypt

When we met Jihan, she told us that she was managing a first time loan of 6000 EP (about $378) repayable over 10 months from Whole Planet Foundation’s microfinance partner Global Fund for Widows in Egypt. This the second time she has taken credit from an institution. She said in the past she took a loan but had a bad experience and found it very expensive. She was widowed four years ago and she took over the family business – a small shop. She used her microloan from Global Fund for Widows to replenish the items she sells in the shop. She has also added in a knitting component with her daughter and is showing one of the knit sweaters in the photograph.  

Microfinance Partner: Global Fund for Widows

The Global Fund for Widows is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering widows and female heads of households to overcome poverty through skills-based training, job creation, and micro-finance. Ultimately, our goal is to help widows achieve financial stability, self-sufficiency, accountability, and importantly, become a role model to her own children and to others.

The Global Fund for Widows applies its programs throughout the developing world by forming strategic partnerships with local NGOs, which are dedicated to the empowerment of widows. These local NGOs work in close collaboration with the Global Fund for Widows to develop unique solutions for empowering widows that are culturally and socially appropriate, as most importantly – Sustainable.

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