• Project: Austin
  • Location: Austin, TX
  • Microfinance Organization: Grameen America
  • We partner with Grameen America in Austin, Texas and have supported an estimated 784 microentrepreneurs.

More About Guadalupe

Guadalupe sells tacos, quesadillas, gorditas, torts and burritos from her food truck Los Arcos Taqueria in Austin, Texas. She grew up in Mexico and lived there until age 13. Her mother died
when she was 8 years old so she lived with her father until they moved to Austin like her brothers to seek opportunity. From a friend, Guadalupe learned about microcredit loans and
Whole Planet Foundation’s United States microfinance partner Grameen America.

Utilizing microfinance, Guadalupe has repaid her first three loans ($1,500, $2,000 and $2,500) and is successfully repaying her fourth loan of $3,000, utilizing all of them to augment her business. Guadalupe has been able to add to the business frequently, which has resulted in growing the customer base and increasing profits.

She has added a pergola to provide shade for customers at the picnic tables, t-shirts and flyers for publicity, and is now planning to expand the truck into a small restaurant.

Her husband Geronimo, is her chef and she is the vision, so together they are a good team. Even their four children help with the business although they are all in school. Guadalupe advises friends to invest in their business since that is how she has grown. She loves the growth and being able to be a team with her family to provide opportunities for them.

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