• Project: Paraguay
  • Location: Paraguay
  • Microfinance Organization: Fundación Paraguaya
  • We have partnered with Fundación Paraguaya in the Villarrica region of Paraguay where Whole Foods Market sources Whole Trade Guarantee organic sugar to reach 1,995 new microentrepreneurs.

More About Antonia

Antonia (far left) and her daughter Valeria (second from left) both are part of the same bank in Nueva Germania, Paraguay. Since receiving her first loan of 500,000 Guarani (about $87 USD) from our microfinance partner Fundación Paraguaya, she has been able to diversify the products she sells in her small store. In 2016, Antonia received a loan for 1.5 million Guarani (about $261 USD). In order to save on transportation costs, she buys her products from a supply truck that delivers goods on a weekly basis.


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