• Project: Sierra Leone
  • Location: Sierra Leone
  • Microfinance Organization: BRAC
  • We partnered with BRAC in the Kenema region of Sierra Leone where Whole Foods Market sources cacao to reach 5,592 new microentrepreneurs.

More About Adiza

Adiza is currently on her 4th loan with BRAC Sierra Leone in Kenema. Adiza runs a provisions shop. With her first loan of 600,000 Leones in 2013 and her second loan of 800,000 Leones in 2014, she increased the stock in her shop. She applied her 3rd loan of 1,000,000 Leones ($132.50 USD), taken in August 2015, to purchase a refrigerator.

With her current 40-week loan of 1,300,000 Leones ($172.18), taken in June 2016, she bought soft drinks which she keeps cool in the fridge. Whole Planet Foundation has supported BRAC Sierra Leone’s microfinance lending in Kenema since 2011. Kenema was at the epicentre of the Ebola crisis when it hit Sierra Leone in 2014, and the markets here were closed for many months. Adiza said that before Ebola, her business was growing and she could make about 500,000 Leones a month in profit. During the Ebola crisis, markets were completely closed, and there were no business activities. Now her profit is less, at about 200,000 Leones ($26.49) a month, due to rising costs brought on in part by exchange rate. Although business is slower, she continues to re-build and grow her business.

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