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Our cookbook, Liberation Soup, was inspired by microentrepreneurs around the globe and the experiences of our team while working and visiting with many of the 1,919,000 participating families in our microfinance projects from 69 partner countries. Below you can find bonus recipes and videos from kitchens around the world. To date, $20,175 has been raised for microlending through this cookbook. We are happy to announce that Liberation Soup is now available for purchase on!



Some recipes in this cookbook include just the name of a dish and list of ingredients written by the microentrepreneurs, or simply a basic description of the finished dish. Look for this seal that marks these recipes as “For the Adventurous and Curious: Sharing Culinary Culture.”

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Check out the photos from last holiday season below:


  1. Carolyn Jo West

    My daughter & I have well over a100 cookbooks but certainly not even one as unique as this one.

  2. Katy

    My mother gave this to me for my birthday – it hits all my buttons – I support social causes like microfinance and I am an adventurous foodie. So far, I’ve made Peruvian Bebida Caliente de Quinoa, which will become a breakfast staple, and in the very near future will make Chilean Beef and Corn / Pastel de Choclo and Chilean Olive, Egg and Beef Empanadas. I have my eye on a lot of the coconut desserts as well.

    This is a fun cookbook with wonderful pictures.

    • Katey Gorski

      That’s wonderful, Katy! We’d love to see any photos of the recipes you make if you want to share with us.

  3. Katey Gorski

    Hi Lara! The best thing to do is call your local Whole Foods Market store and see if they have one in stock. Someone in store leadership should know. They are currently available in select Whole Foods Market locations.

  4. Helen Nicole

    I buy a lot of cookbooks. I think there are about 50 books in my house. I love cooking. when I read them, I feel like I was myself. I want this book. What should I do?

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