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  • Guadalupe

    Austin, TX

    Guadalupe owns and operates a food trailer in Austin, Texas.

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  • Gertrudes


    Gertrudes runs a small restaurant and catering business in Guiun, on East Samar Island in the Philippines.

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  • Antonia


    Antonia and her daughter Valeria run a small store with a loan from our partner Fundación Paraguaya.

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Stories from the Field

Monthly Donors Invest in Families Worldwide

Join the 15,000 individuals who donate monthly to support poverty alleviation through microcredit. By joining Whole Planet Foundation’s Family Fund, your recurring monthly gift will provide one or more microloans…

Adventurous Eating in Mexico: Escamoles

Roxana Newton joined the Whole Planet Foundation in February 2016 as Program Manager overseeing the U.S, Latin America and Caribbean portfolio.  Pachuca, Hidalgo town square. Pro Mujer’s headquarters in Mexico…

10 Gifts that Give Back to Whole Planet Foundation

As we search for perfect gifts for our loved ones, we often look for those with special meaning. Each year, with this spirit in mind, Whole Planet Foundation curates a list…

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Ways to Give

Join the Family Fund

A recurring donation of $15.40 per month can lift one family out of poverty

Liberation Soup

The Whole Planet Foundation Cookbook features recipes from microcredit clients.

Celebrating Our Partners & Volunteers

Seventh Generation

Our Supplier Partners

Whole Foods Market® suppliers have donated more than $8.5 million to support our mission.

Microfinance Partners

Microfinance Partners

Microfinance organizations are Whole Planet Foundation's partners in the field.

Team Member Volunteers

Whole Foods Market Team Members are making an impact in eight countries this year.